Alto AlVital Supplement 5KG Bucket

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The new AltoLab range of supplements includes Premium grade Vitamins and Minerals, meticulously balanced to ensure your horse performs at its peak.

• AlVital is a Multi-Vitamin Supplement containing a precise blend of over 30 essential vitamins and minerals including natural Vitatim E.
• AlVital helps improve the nutrient value of feed (by supplementing nutrients which are low in commonly used grain, protein meals, chaff and hays) to build your horses health and optimise performance.
• An adequate intake of Calcium, Phosphorous and Magnesium is required for bone development, skeletal strength and optimum muscle function.
• AlVital provides a high grade energy boost for performance horses and the additional demands of horses racing or breeding.

Important Considerations when feeding Supplements to your Horse.<br> It is imperative Owners are aware that they must check with the governing body/bodies for your discipline (e.g. Equestrian Australia (EA)) as to their natural medicinal and feed supplement regulations/restrictions. Equine sport regulators may impose restrictions on naturally occurring constituents administered to horses.  Supplements are designed to be added to diets where vitamin and mineral levels may be low.

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