Bio-Groom Wiry Coat Texturizing Shampoo

Product Code: BGM4852
RRP: 29.95
• Wiry Coat Texturizing Shampoo was developed specifically for adding the desired texture to breeds with a naturally coarse, wiry and dry texture.
• Formulated with cosmetic grade ingredients, this high quality shampoo gently but thoroughly cleans, deodorises and conditions.
• Adds body and coarseness to the coat without drying or damaging the hair.
• Highlights all colours and makes white sparkle.
• Produces a rich lather, has a neutral pH and controls matting and tangling.
• Rinses out quickly and completely, leaving the coat smelling fresh and clean.
• Free of Parabens and Artificial Thickeners.
• Recommended by Top Breeders and Professional Groomers Worldwide.
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