Kelato Evolve Worming Paste

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• Kelato Evolve® Worming Paste is an orange flavoured Broad Spectrum Wormer & Boticide for horses.
• No wastage, easy to swallow.
• Concentrated dose formulation.
• Praziquantel and Ivermectin are well absorbed through the gut are toxic to: Ascarids, Bots, Hairworms, Intestinal Threadworms, Lungworms, Neck Threadworms, Pinworms, Tapeworms, Large and Small Strongyles, and Large Mouth Stomach Worms.
• Each Kelato Evolve Worming Paste syringe will treat horses of weight up to 600kg.
• Recommended to be used every 6 - 8 weeks in rotation with Revolve®.
• Designed and made in Australia.
Technical Specifications
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