Equi-Prene Grazing Muzzle w/Rubber

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• Nylon webbing material with rubber inserts and muzzle bottom used to provide a strong and durable muzzle with no-rub padding for extra comfort.
• Adjustable nylon web straps each side and a snap latch on the throat strap.
Technical Specifications
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Could be better

I bought this grazing muzzle for a client horse that I was re-habbing prior to it going home. It is manufactured of mainly good quality material, except for the clip at the throat. That clip is flimsy and faces out, allowing the clip to possibly get caught on a wire fence (which it did in this ponies case). The slimy clip allowed the pony to be released, bu t if the clip was facing the other direction, it would not have happened. My other suggestion for improvement would be some instructions! I must say I was gobsmacked that such a contraption came with nothing! Only a couple of weeks later another client told me that she had put one on her pony and intended to leave it on indefinitely. STC - I think it would be good practice to include a simple sheet of guidelines as to fitting and introducing these life-saving devices. Sincerely, Faith

Faith Robinson , Ebenezer