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Please note: The following notes are a guide only and are not to replace the Use & Care Manual which must be read before operating the unit.

Q. How much pressure does the PortaHot unit require?

A.  The unit requires a minimum of 4 litres a minute to activate – house mains or equivalent.  If no mains pressure is available, a pump with a minimum of 35 psi will work.

Q. How long does it take to warm up the water?

A.  Between 5 and 10 seconds.

Q. Can you use it indoors?

A.  No.  The unit is AGA approved for outdoor use only.

Q. Can you pump from a bucket or jerry can?

A.  Yes but if pumping from a creek or dam, a filter fitted between the water source and the pump is highly advised.

Q. How much gas does the unit use?

A.  An 8.5kg gas bottle will run the unit for approx 13 hours.

Q. Can it be left permanently mounted?

A.  Yes it can but it would be advisable to cover the top vent to stop dirt, leaves etc from getting in the unit.  Also remove the batteries if you aren’t using the unit for some time.

Q. How long do the batteries last?

A.  A good quality battery should last between 100-150 starts.

Q. What is the maximum water flow?

A.  No more than approximately 6 litres per minute.  Any faster and the water won’t heat.  If the pressure is too high then use a regulator on the hose inlet.

Q. How much does the unit weigh?

A.  Approx 5 kilos.

Q. Can the PortaHot be mounted anywhere?

A.  Yes providing it is in a vertical position.

Q. What are the dimensions?

A.  Approx 300mm wide, 480mm long and 125mm deep


Q. How much clearance from the top of the vent?

A.  Minimum 500mm.

Q. Is the water flow adjustable?

A.  Yes.  The water flow and heat control is adjustable on the front of the unit.

Q. How much water does it use?

A.  Minimum 4 litres per minute, maximum 6 litres a minute.

Q. Where is the PortaHot made?

A.  PortaHot is made in China but it is the only Australian Gas Association approved unit.

Q. Does the pilot light stay on?

A.  No because it is battery ignition so the unit will not waste gas.

Q. Can I extend the hose?

A.  Yes but it could compromise the water pressure and heat.

Q. How hot does the water get?

A.  As per AGA safety standards, no hotter than 50 degrees celcius.

Q. Does the unit run continously?

A.  The unit will cut out after 20 minutes as per AGA standards. You are then able to restart the unit straight away.

Q. Can it be moved by just packing it up somewhere?

A.  Yes.

Q. How does the PortaHot unit hang?

A.  The back has two ‘keyhole’ brackets.

Q. Will my caravan pump work?

A.  Yes but it has to have a minimum of 35 psi.  We recommend the Flojet 50 psi 11 litres per minute pump to run it efficiently.

Q. What is the capacity of the pump?

A.  The pump is 11 litres per minute at 50 psi.  It is 5.2 amps and runs off 12 volt power.

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If the motor is operating but no water is coming out:

  1. Restricted intake or water line – Is the line fully submerged in water?
  2. Is there an air leak in the intake line?
  3. Is there Debris in the pump?
  4. Is there a crack in the pump housing?

If the motor fails to turn on:

  1. Check if you have a loose wire connection
  2. Has the pump circuit got power?
  3. Check the fuse has not blown
  4. Check your pressure switch – has this failed?

If there is a pulsating flow:

  1. Please check your water discharge lines to make sure they are fully submerged
  2. Please check your lines are not obstructed
  3. Please check that the right fittings are used

If the pump fails to turn off after all fixtures are closed:

  1. Do you have an empty water tank?
  2. Do you have a low battery or is it connected correctly?
  3. Do you have a punctured pump Diaphragm?
  4. Is there water coming from your lines?
  5. Check your pressure switch is working

Low Flow and Pressure:

  1. Check you don’t have an air leak at the pump intake
  2. Check that you do not have debris in your pump and plumbing
  3. If there is excessive noise it may be a worn bearing
  4. Check your pump Diaphragm is not punctured – Your pump is not leaking

Front View showing control knobs:
Left knob controls gas
Right knob controls Water pressure
View from underneath with
battery unit closed,
gas hose, water out hose and
water hose fitting

View from underneath with
battery unit open, gas hose connection, water out hose connection
and water hose fitting
Top view
Side ViewSide view with shower headPortaHot setupPortaHot setup with
gas bottle & trolley
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