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Effax Boot Miracle Spray

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• Cleaning combined with care.
• Cleans synthetic, patent leather and rubber surfaces and removes stubborn dirt, and makes them dirt-repellent.
• Protects against dirt, dampness and wear and tear.
• It has a caring effect on the surfaces and gradually the full depth of colour is restored.
• After application horse boots and riding boots made of patent leather will look like new.
• Remove general dirt from the surface, then spray on Effax Boot-Miracle and rub dry with a soft cloth.
• All Effax Products are manufactured in Germany by Schweizer-Effax and fulfil the GMP Standard. The GMP Standard is the highest form of international recognition in the sector of pharmaceutical production. GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) really means exactly what it says: guidelines regarding quality assurance of the production process and environment in the production of pharmaceuticals, active substances and medicinal products, as well as foodstuffs for humans and animal feeds. Quality assurance is of crucial significance in pharmaceutical production because even the most minimal variations in quality can have a direct effect on the health of the human beings or animals that use them.

Schweizer-Effax is the only official supplier of the German Equestrian Olympic Committee for the horse care area.
Technical Specifications
Volume 250ml

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