Stainless Steel Quart Pot with Cup

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Quart Pots are a quintessential Australian item and the perfect accessory for Drovers, Stockmen and Stockwomen, or those simply looking for a convenient camp tool.

The Quart Pot is made from quality Stainless Steel and the larger part of the pot is your billy to place on the fire to boil your water. The smaller piece is your cup to drink your tea, coffee, or warming soup - all while taking up minimum room in your swag.

Quart Pot Cases are available in Closed or Open Ended designs (sold separately), perfect for attaching your Quart Pot to your saddle while out droving, or on the trail.

Billy: Depth 5”, Length 3 ½ ”, Width 2”

Cup: Depth 2 ½“, Length 3 ½ “, Width 2”

Technical Specifications
Brand STC
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