• Uvex Equestrian - Helmets & Gloves

Uvex Equestrian - Helmets & Gloves

Uvex Equestrian - Helmets & Gloves

Uvex was founded in 1926 and ever since has been synonymous with top quality head-to-toe protection for elite athletes and the equestrian industry.

Their manufacturing expertise was built upon decades of experience and the consistent application, and testing of, new technologies.  They have partnered with elite athletes, as well as being a global partner on the international sports scene.   Most of their manufacturing is done in Germany and Europe and their helmets meet the highest safety standards, including the new VG1 01.040 2014-12 Safety Standard which is accepted by Equestrian Australia and Pony Club Australia.

The current Uvex Equestrian Team is:

Jorne Sprehe, Germany - Showjumping

Isabell Werth, Germany - Dressage

Ingrid Klimke, Germany - Eventing

Tim Rieskamp-Godeking, Germany - Showjumping

Victoria Max-Theurer, Austria - Dressage

Hans Dieter Dreher, Germany - Showjumping

Kristing Broring-Sprehe, Germany - Dressage

Helen Langehanenberg, Germany - Dressage

Uvex Gloves are designed for maximum protection, using high quality materials that meet the highest safety demands.  High class engineering, combined with top materials and innovations ensure their gloves meet the needs of every equestrian.

In-house expertise and know-how ensures all Uvex products are of the highest quality and adhere to stringent safety standards.  Research and development work in to new materials and processes is undertaken in Germany and forms an integral part of their company philosophy - Protecting People!

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