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Cavallo Horse & Rider was started in 1993 by President, Carole Herder with one thing in mind "how can I make this a better industry for our horses and the people who ride them?

CAVALLO'S MISSION:  "Cavallo is committed to developing and distributing innovative products of excellent quality that provides comfort, protection, support and value for both horse and rider."

Cavallo's purpose is to offer horse boots as an alternative to the traditional method of metal shoes for horses.  Cavallo Hoof Boots utilize compounds which have far greater shock absorbing features than metal.  If you take a metal horse shoe and bang it against a hard surface, such as a rock or brick wall, you will feel the vibration up your arm.  Cavallo hoof boots absorb concussion rather than transmitting it so the sensitive Lamellae of the hoof is not compromised but supported.

President, Carole Herder didn't come from a horsey background and started riding as an adult, at which time she found on-going problems with her first horse, Rocky.  He was often lame and was often agitated.  Carole asked for advice and was told just to ignore his sign and get on and ride, because at 12 he was old anyway!  Carole wasn't satisfied with these answers so set about finding her own.

These days, Carole loves attending Trade Shows to meet up with colleagues and friends, and to hear stories of how Cavallo Hoof Boots have helped horses around the world.

Not only does Cavallo Horse & Rider supply Hoof Boots, they also supply Saddle Pads and the famous Cavallo 'Ride Free' Fly Mask.

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