• Amica Bits

Amica Bits

Amica's 100% medical titanium sidepieces are designed with performance, comfort, and durability in mind.



Celebrated for low density, high strength, and corrosion resistance, titanium is revered in equestrian circles. Amica maximizes titanium's potential, ensuring riders and horses reap its rewards.



Titanium's tasteless quality allows it to adjust to mouth temperature, enhancing horse comfort and acceptance. Ideal for sensitive mouths, titanium bits prevent red marks or sores, ensuring a seamless, comfortable ride.






Loose Rings allow independent movement from the mouthpiece, offering horses more tongue freedom and adjustable pressure. In contrast, Fixed Rings provide stable contact. Bit Guards minimize ring movement for consistent rein feel. Optimal for horses leaning on the bit or feeling stiff. Pairing with the right mouthpiece enhances stability and comfort.



Fixed Rings attach directly to the mouthpiece, ensuring consistent contact when reins engage. They promote bit contact, enhancing stability and rider-horse security. Customized contact and stability achieved with fitting mouthpiece. Ideal for steering and calming playful horses.



The Loose Baucher maintains mouthpiece stability without loose ring interference. Great for issues like mouth corner wounds or premolar wear (P2). Steady pressure aids sensitive areas, fostering horse relaxation. Balances secure contact and addressing mouth-specific concerns.



Baby Fulmer's proximity to the horse's side aids steering and mouthpiece stability. Loose ring positioning redistributes pressure downward, lifting the front, sustaining contact, and preventing stiffness. Suitable for various horses, even FEI-approved for dressage.



Universal marries Baby Fulmer's versatility with Universal rings' leverage and flexibility. Lower rein placement transforms Universal rings into a gag bit, applying neck, chin, and mouth pressure. Strapped top rings distribute pressure. Light, adaptable feel aids heaviness, stiffness, and sensitivity without sacrificing feel.



Kimblehook emulates fixed ring bit but offers leverage addition. Lower rein engagement elevates pressure, balancing chin, poll, and mouth. Ideal for strong, unbalanced, or difficult-to-turn horses. Eases pressure distribution for raised necks.



Show Pelham's dual reins balance leverage and flexibility through its loose ring. Blending Loose Baucher and curb bit elements. No leverage with snaffle ring, added leverage using bottom ring. Adaptable to horse needs. Use Baby Pelham with converter strap or Pelham roundings for single rein.



Beval offers gentle feel akin to 2½ & 3 Ring Snaffle but milder effect and leverage. Multiple rein positions, plus bent loop rings for gag rein. Gag rein enhances rein variety via loop rings, expanding options. Soft and flexible choice for nuanced communication.



Amica presents a diverse selection of sidepieces, tailored to meet each horse's distinct needs and rider preferences. Crafted from medical-grade titanium, these bits ensure durability while maximizing the advantages of this remarkable metal. Whether seeking stability, flexibility, leverage, or a fusion of attributes, Amica titanium bits deliver unparalleled performance and comfort, nurturing an enduring harmony between horse and rider. Discover the comprehensive assortment of Amica titanium bits at Saddlery Trading Company and witness the transformative difference firsthand. View Now.


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