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Professional's Choice

Professional's Choice
Professional's Choice operate based on the philosophy that "the more comfortable the horse, the better the performance".

In 1976 Professional's Choice Founder and President, Dal Scott, broke his leg in an accident while riding his horse. To assist with his recovery, Dal developed a neoprene orthopaedic product and Dricast Orthopedics Inc commenced.

In 2004 Professional's Choice introduced a major breakthrough in Saddle Pad technology with benefits for both horse and rider.

Today's range of Professional's Choice products covers both Western and English Disciplines, including Sports Medicine Boots, Girths and Cinches, Saddle Pads, Halters and Lead Ropes, Bits, Spurs, Fly Protection, Tail Wraps, Gear and Tack Bags, Therapy Products, and Leather Collections.

Saddlery Trading Company is the proud Distributor of Professional's Choice products in Australia and was awarded the Professional's Choice Distributor of the Year in 2014.

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