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These Jodhpurs will give you Goosebumps!

These Jodhpurs will give you Goosebumps!

Goosebumps?  Well... maybe not quite, but jodhpurs will make your ride a lot more comfortable and stop your legs from chafing, particularly on those long rides where you spend most of the day in the saddle.

Read here about how jodhpurs and breeches have evolved over the years from the stiff, pantaloon-style jodhpurs of many years ago - see a picture of the Queen in old-fashioned jodhpurs - and read about the new On-Trend Riding Tights.

Horse Gear Outlet has your Riding Apparel covered including Ladies & Childs Jodhpurs, and Stretch Riding Breeches!

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Saddlery Trading Company - the Brand behind the Brands!

Saddlery Trading Company has been distributing products for over 30 years to more than 800 saddlery and produce stores in Australia, as well as overseas.  These products are from the very best Brands available from Australia, USA, South America, England, Germany, Italy, China, Taiwan, India and Japan.

Read about our many Brands and the stories and people behind them in our series of Articles.
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Uvex Equestrian - Helmets & Gloves

Ever since Uvex was founded in 1926, the Brand has been synonymous with top quality and innovative products, not just for the Equestrian Industry but athletes requiring head-to-toe protection such as Cyclists and Skiiers.

Their manufacturing expertise is built upon decades of experience and the consistent application of new technologies.

Uvex is a global partner on the International Elite Sports Scene and provides equipment to more than 1000 top athletes who test and provide feedback on the equipment.

Saddlery Trading Company is the proud Australian Distributor of Uvex Equestrian Helmets and Gloves.
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Cavallo Horse & Rider

Cavallo Horse & Rider was started in 1993 by President, Carole Herder.  Carole started the company with one thing in mind "how can I make this a better industry for our horses and the people who ride them?"

Carole didn't come from a horsey background and started riding as an adult.  She found her first horse Rocky was lame half the time and also seemed agitated and unhappy.  She was told this is just part of horse ownership and she should just get on and ride.  This didn't seem right to Carole so she set about finding answers...

She realised the horse's signs shouldn't be ignored, and that if we do bigger problems can arise.  The real answer for diagnosis is to discover the cause and change the prognosis.  With the help of top Veterinarian, Dr Robert Cook, Carole discovered that "all horses hooves are healthier without shoes, and barefoot horses are healthier than shod horses.  They live longer, happier and less painful lives"

And so Cavallo Hoof Boots were born.

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Absorbine - Celebrating 125 Years!

Saddlery Trading Company have been distributing Absorbine Products in Australia for over 30 years now, and congratulate Absorbine on achieving their 125 Year Milestone!

In this Article, we outline the history of Absorbine and discover how it started 125 years ago and what they have done to become The Horse Word's Most Trusted Name.
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GPA - Safety Legend!

Drawing on its know-how and expertise acquired in the car racing world, GPA was the first European manufacturer to put approved riding helmets on the market, even before the standard was made mandatory Europe-wide.

GPA - Safety Legend is your guarantee of satisfaction and reliability.
Initially concentrating on showjumping, GPA then widened its range to cover all the riding disciplines including eventing, endurance, polo, driving, harness racing and thoroughbred racing.

GPA relies on a network of professional riders, each of whom tests the new products and advises the GPA technical teams on how to optimise them.
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Cowboy Magic Grooming Products - When performance counts

Cowboy Magic was originally founded by Jim and Charlotte Cummings in 1979, providing high quality grooming products, including shampoos, conditioners, and finishing sprays for the equestrian world.  Its Star Product, concentrated Detangler & Shine Gel created the category and it still Cowboy Magic's best seller!

Jim and Charlotte recently retired and felt that Straight Arrow Products were the perfect fit to continue their years of hard work and success.  Straight Arrow Products, including the popular Mane 'n Tail products are also proudly distributed by Saddlery Trading Company.

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High quality has always been the hallmark of Veredus, approaching the manufacture of their products with typical Italian passion.
Combining the latest technology with innovative raw materials and attention to detail to produce respected products used by champions such as Marcus Ehning, Scott Brash, Guerdat and Adelinde Cornillisen.
Meticulous attention to raw materials, employment of the most cutting-edge technologies and an obsessive attention to detail is the foundation of their success.
Saddlery Trading Company® is the proud Distributor of Veredus Equestrian Products in Australia and New Zealand.
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Weaver Leather

In a wide variety of fashion-forward designs with all the bells and whistles, Weaver Leather tack collections offer something for everyone.   Recreational, trail and professionals riders will all find something to meet their needs and express their unique style with these collections that offer a coordinated look and exceptional performance.  Weaver also offer an extensive range of Cattle Products.

Many of the Weaver Products are handcrafted in Mt Hope, Ohio and feature the finest materials, skilled American workmanship and finishing touches for years of dependable service.

Saddlery Trading Company is the proud Australian Distributor of Weaver Leather Products.
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There is a Tekna™ saddle for every style of rider, from jumping to dressage, from pupil to professional. Tekna™ saddles are the ultimate hybrid of style, value and performance and are supported by a five year structural warranty. The Tekna™ range is complemented by an extensive catalogue of bridles, reins, girths, stirrup straps, horse boots and accessories, all manufactured to the same exacting Tekna™ standard. So, if you're in the market for quality synthetic saddlery, choose Tekna™ ... It's Tekna logical!
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Professional's Choice

Professional's Choice operate based on the philosophy that the more comfortable the horse, the better the performance.  Their dedication to innovation goes back to 1986 when founder Dal Scott revolutionised the equine industry by creating the first equine orthopaedic product which later developed the Sports Medicine Boot.

Saddlery Trading Company are the proud Distributor of Professional's Choice products in Australia and were awarded the Professional's Choice Distributor of the Year in 2014.

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